Banner campaigns finally under control 

Upload, review and share designs, HTML banner ads, videos and more.


“Working on display campaigns always generates great numbers of emails and formats to check. Dizply simplifies our process and reduces the amount of time we spend on campaign development and delivery.” 

Sebastian Wagrodzki

Account Manager, Publicis DWL
Dizply simplifies the process of managing the production of banner campaigns for digital agencies, media houses and freelancers. 

Upload any type of file

  • HTML5 banner, mailing, landing page
  • MP4 video
  • PDF
  • … and more

Share file preview via public link

No need to send an attachment via email or neverending uploading on FTP servers. Each version has a unique URL to share with the client.

Organize your tasks with ease

As a manager, you have access to a clear table of status for all ad formats. Keeping things organized is easier, no matter if you’ve got a few or hundreds of them.

Track your time

A simple time-tracking function with reports feature for you and your team allows you to manage the time better and more effectively.

Check how your team is doing

You can see a clear overview to check what every team member is doing right now.

Faster and simpler feedback

Give and get feedback about the current version. Mark all important changes or leave comments next to the file they’re about.

Keep everything in order

All file versions and feedback history is in one place. You can easily control what’s going on and go through the changes when you need it.

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