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Ramp up your productivity, avoid frustration, save time and money withΒ having all the files with comments and approvals in one place.

Upload all files at one time and share one URL with whole gallery.



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〝No more digging through emails and passing PDFs back and forth. No more wrongly approved files and mistakes. Ideal amount of control so nothing is accidentally deleted or approved. Dizply helps me and my clients save time by avoiding duplicate feedback, and it helps me save time by containing all the markups in one placeγ€ž

Tomasz Kramer


For Designers

✚ make your clients happy and impress them with amazing, client-facing solution

✚ save time by having all the comments and approvals in one place

✚ super-easy and fast to use for you and your customers

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For Agencies

✚ gain simplicity in file sharing with client-facing, intuitive interface

✚ smoothly handle your workflow with uploading all files at one time and sending one link to whole gallery

✚ make (remote) work easy and effective

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For Agencies Clients

✚ save time by avoiding duplicate feedback

✚ avoid frustration and speed up workflow by containing all the comments in one place

✚ avoid misunderstandings by easily discussing visuals over the distance

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Super-easy and fast html5 banners upload 😍

β—‰ Share all type of content with stakeholders and discuss visual information over the distance with client facing, intuitive interface. Add value to your service and impress your clients, they will love to work with you this way!

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Functionality and simplicity, even for non-technical users. 😌

???? Keep everything in order – all file versions and feedback history is in one place, you can easily control what’s going on and go through the changes when you need it.

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Manage your team and communication with clients better way.Β πŸš€

🀩 Make your clients happy and impress them with amazing, client-facing solution, where tracking feedback is super-easy as if with approvals. Don’t let your design process get lost in the hashes of emails and calls.

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A cooperation tool for people who are committed to efficiency and productivity.

You can just upload all the campaign files and generate one preview link without any other hustle.

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