Tips & tricks


To give access to the asset without setting assignee, you can set a user as a Watcher.

When a user is a Watcher on an asset, he will see this asset on the assets list, but is not assigned to it.

You can add a user as a Watcher:

  • individually on an asset view
  • on an asset list, multiple at one time by selecting asset on the this and choosing ‘Add Watcher’ from the bulk menu

When you change the assignee user on an asset, the previous user will be automatically set as a Watcher on that asset.

Replace source files

Replace source file’ option replace currently visible assets version, eg. when you use this option on assets’ version 3, it will replace file for version 3 of that asset.

It’s helpful eg. when you sent preview page to the client, but after that, you notice some mistakes and you don’t want to generate and send another link

To replace file:

  1. On the asset view click choose ‘Replace source file’ from the bulk menu (be sure you see file version you want to update)
  2. Popup will show — click ‘Choose file’ and selected new file
  3. Click ‘Upload’


You can easily navigate through Dizply using breadcrumbs. 

Thanks to breadcrumbs you will always know where you are and can faster move to the parent page.

Quick selecting

If you want to select multiple assets, you can do it faster using Shift options.

  1. Just select a checkbox on the first asset
  2. and then select checkbox on the last asset (with shift button pressed)
  3. optionally uncheck assets you don’t want to be selected
  4. Pick an action you want from the bulk menu


You could sort campaign or asset list by any column you want. Just click on the column title once or twice to sort it A‑Z or Z‑A.

Thanks to that eg. you could group similar asset to quickly select them.

Direct link

Thanks to Copy Direct link option, you can copy RAW link to the uploaded file — when you open it in a browser it will display without Dizply top bar. It’s useful for example when your file has non-standard responsive scaling and you want to preview it as it is.

Similar to that you can use ‘Open in new tab’ option — it just opens RAW uploaded file in a new window (instead of just copy it to clipboard).

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