How to set and check the statuses of all assets?

  1. Go to ‘Dashboard’ menu tab
  2. You will see all of your current Campaigns and assets
    • you can check status of each asset
    • and predefined Action what you should do next

To filter asses that show on a Dashboard you can:

  • switch ‘Show what need my action’, you will then see only this assets, which you should do something, e.g. give feedback or sent to clients review
  • filter list by User or Campaign name
  • or quickly use the Search option

To keep Dashboard organized you can update the status of each asset.Statuses that will set automatically

  • NEW — new asset added to asset list (with no task yet)
  • TO DO — assets which have tasks, by not assignee user
  • ASSIGNED — assets with task and assignee user, waiting to start working on it
  • IN PROGRESS — assignee user clicked ‘I’m on it’ and work on this asset
  • WAITING FOR FEEDBACK — assignee user upload a new file (done all task from this asset)
  • COMMENTS — tasks are added to a previously uploaded file
  • REVIEWED — manager click heart icon on an asset view
  • SENT TO CLIENT — manager use SHARE option and sent preview links to the client directly from Dizply

Above statuses you can set also manually if you need to.Statuses that you should set manually:

  • SENT TO CLIENT — to set if you create a preview page and sent to client e.g. by email
  • ACCEPTED — to set when you get acceptance from the client
  • PREPARED FOR SPECS — to set if you have prepared production files, waiting for doublecheck
  • SPECS ACCEPTED — when production files were doublechecked
  • SPECS SENT — to set when finall production files were sent
  • DONE — to set when an asset was accepted and there is no need to do with them anymore

To update statuses manually:

  1. Select assets you want to update
  2. From the bulk menu choose ‘Change status’
  3. Popup will show — choose status from the list by clicking on it

New status of chosen assets will be set.

You can also set statuses to ‘ACCEPTED’ or ‘DONE’ from:

  • assets list, by choosing assets and click ‘Accept’ or ‘Mark as Done’ from bulk menu
  • asset view, by clicking the ‘check’ icon one for ‘Accept’ or twice for ‘Done’

If an asset was set to ‘DONE’ but you got unexpected remarks, you can ‘undone’ that asset:

  • just by adding a new comment (the asset will change status automatically to ‘COMMENTS’)
  • or by clicking ‘check’ icon again 

You can also check statuses on the assets list.

For each asset, there is a dot, colored depends on status:

  • white: NEW (asset added to the list but with no task yet)
  • yellow: TO REVIEW (assets uploaded, with no task)
  • red: COMMENTS (there are some task to do)
  • purple: REVIEWED (hearth icon clicked)
  • green: ACCEPTED or DONE

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