Have all the campaign files in one place and boost productivity

Getting started

From creating account to uploaded file step by step.

Creating an Account

To create an account by yourself:

  1. go to your company address in Dizply, e.g example.dizply.com
  2. You will see Sign-in form – below it you will find ‘Sign up’ link 
  3. click it and fill in a form: your First and Last Name, Email and Password
  4. then click ‘Sign up’

To create an account by Dizply account Admin:

  1. ask your account Admin to create account to your email address
  2. account Admin will create an account using predefined Password and send it to you
  3. you can now login at your company address in Dizply, e.g example.dizply.com
  4. after you logged in, firstly change the password to your own

Your to-do list

If you have an account, you can start to work on tasks.

  • when someone assigns you to a task, you will get an email notification with a link to that task
  • all your tasks are gathered on the main page – you can get there by clicking on Dizply logotype
  • if you have many tasks, you can filter them by Campaign name or using the Search option

To view task description:

  1. click on it on your to-do list or click a link you got in an email
  2. you will see an individual asset view – task description is on the right side

How to track time during work?

If you want to (or have to) track time you spend on each task simply click ‘I’m on it’ button which you find on an asset and campaign view.

To find more details about the time tracking option, click here.

How to upload files?

You can upload files in 3 different ways.

  1. On the assets list view: Drag & Drop file over an asset row
  2. On the individual asset view: Drag & Drop file over asset info or over the previous file
  3. On the individual asset view: click ‘+’ button and choose from the explorer window

You can upload any type of file:

  • HTML (ZIP)
  • video: MP4
  • bitmap: JPG, PNG, GIF (animated / static)
  • vector: PDF
  • any other file formats

Important: When uploading HTML (eg. an animated banner, mailing, LP or other) ZIP all correlated files and then upload this ZIP archive to Dizply.

After you upload a new file, the campaign manager gets an email notification.